About Burj Al Oodh

Burj Al Oodh is a supplier of oud (agarwood) based products and handy crafts in Calicut, Kerala. We supply a wide variety of products coming from different places. We stand out from the rest of the oud and perfume based businesses by our special care and attention to our clients.

Our Vision and Mission

Burj Al Oodh aims to supply high quality oud, attar and perfumes to satisfy the immense demand in the market. We envision to spread across the globe to provide our professional services in supplying high quality agarwood and fragrances.

What is oud (العود) or Agarwood?

Oud (العود), also known as Agarwood, is a good smelling heartwood that forms when large evergreen trees (native to the southeast asia) become infected with a type of mould. As the infection intensifies, the tree releases a good smelling resin and forms an embedded wood known as agarwood.

What is Attar (عطر)?

Attar is a natural perfume oil extracted botanical sources. The oils are extracted from flowers and trees, then aged for a long period of time.

What is Oud Oil (دهن العود)??

Oud oil (dahan al oud) is a rich oil extracted from agarwood. This oil has a rich fragrance and used as premium perfumes across the globe.

What are Kashmiri Shawls?

Kashmiri shawls are high quality shawls made with an under-wool taken from the shawl-goat. It has very elaborative designs which typically uses a cone pattern.

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Burj Al Oodh

Burj Al Oodh is a supplier of first class and high quality oudh (agarwood), attar, arabian and french perfumes, kashmiri shawls and more.

To know more about Burj Al Oodh and our business, give us a call or whatsapp us on +91 9447 425 555. You can also call our office in Calicut at +91 0495 699 9969. Or you can just Send us a message!