Agarwood tree, popular as Oudh in Arabic, is the source of the fragrant resinous secretion used to extract the unique fragrant oil. Oudh improves mental clarity and tranquilizes the spiritual and emotional entities, besides being beneficial as a tonic, aphrodisiac, anti-epileptic, diuretic, carminative, anti-microbial and anti-asthmatic.

Old Cambodian Oodh

Mild, when compared to the Oudhs of Indian origin Cambodian Oudh are sweet, delectable and far more friendlier towards the uninitiated. Termed as perfect for the ones in the western way of life, the Cambodian Oudhs have the unique ability to seep into your lifestyle without being too prominent. The unique collection of blends of old Cambodian Oudhs are a speciality of Burj Al Oudh, and our collection has all the best oudhs awaiting you.



Traditionally, Indian attars are made by distilling a blend of various collected raw materials, mostly floral, and fixing them in pure sandalwood oil. Balad has a unique range of traditionally created pure Attars of floral, citrusy, woody, balsamic, spicy and exotic fragrances and bewitching blends of carefully chosen top, middle and base notes.


Burning Bakhour is characteristic of the rich Arabian culture and also in some Asian countries. These wood or brick chips soaked in fragrant oils or fragrant resins has a deep, smoky and exotic scent. Our collection has authentic Bakhour with intoxicating complexity that you would want to scent your home with.


Kashmiri Shawls

Traditional Kashmiri Shawls are found in every fashion-lover’s wardrobe. Explore our assorted collections of authentic Kashmiri Shawls flaunting elegant and intricate designs at reasonable prices.


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